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Welcome to Room B-24

Room B-24 is home to Mr. Olsson's 3rd Grade class. We are a GATE cluster class – smart and chatty. Angier Elementary emphasizes a disciplined and organized approach to learning and behavior within the classroom.

Welcome to Week 19 and 2019 of the 2018-2019 School Year!

Mr. Olsson is Retiring!

Friday, February 1, 2019 will be Mr. Olsson's last day as a full-time teacher. Late last year Mr. Olsson reconnected with an old friend and highschool sweetheart, Roberta. It was then that they decided to begin a new chapter in their lives. Roberta ended her teaching career at Wichita State University to move to San Diego in December of last year. For the past eighteen years teaching has been a rich and wonderful experience for Mr. Olsson but he and Roberta have been given a gift that must be shared and experienced now. On Wednesday, January 16 the two of them were married.

The Couple

3rd Grade Wheel Classes – Round Two

Wheel classes start up again on Thursday with Mr. Robinson's class coming to room B-24. This is the last hour of the day from 2:30 to 3:35. B-24 will begin with science in room 17 with Mrs. Kivett. Second graders are split between the second grade teachers.

Second Grade is Back with Me for Math!

Adjustments were made to allow the second graders to stay with me for math and also during the first hour after lunch. Third grade will go to Mr. Trotter for math in the morning. This is a tremendous boon for the second graders!

We're starting off as a Combo Class

Room B-24 is starting the year as a combined class of second and third graders. Because of scheduling conflicts with other classrooms the second graders will often be deployed to other second classrooms. Details about this will be forthcoming as the week progresses.

Welcome to Room B-24 with Mr. Olsson

We will be starting off the year running. Writing will be an important component of all our learning. In the beginning, students will be writing for quantity to build stamina and form a habit for putting thoughts on paper or in a computer document as the case may be. Technology is an important part of our curriculum. Students will have access to many online resources to hone typing, writing, and reading skills. Parents should expect a paper to go home with their child's log-in codes within the first two weeks. Until the class roster is stable I am holding off on creating student accounts.

New Links

Please note the new links placed in the sidebar to the right. The Daily Agenda is now at the top. Click here to see the homework for the day. Students' most popular links are below: ST-Math, Typing Web, Raz-Kids, Spelling City, and

Power School, Illuminate, and ST Math links

Please note the Power School, Illuminate, and ST Mathlinks to the right. The Power School links takes you to the Parent/Student portal where student information can be found. It also allows access to the enVision 2.0 math curriculum. The illuminate link is for online testing. ST Math is a wonderful complement to our math curriculum.

Please Check the Agenda and Work with Your Kids.

Students are responsible for filling out their daily agenda and being able to explain to you, the parents, what it encompasses. The agenda is available to you to the right in the side-bar. Please review with them the work that they should be doing. Practice multiplication and division. Read with them and ask meaningful questions. Also, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Olsson using the email link at the bottom of this page.

Student Internet Codes.

Students' internet codes will be handed out to all students when the computers arrive. Please ask your child to show them to you. Parent copies will be made upon request.

The Daily Agenda is now available

One suggestion that came up during our back-to-school night meeting was making the daily homework agenda available. Apparently there was confusion about what work was actually due and what had already been done. The daily agenda is now available in the sidebar to the right. Simply click on the link.

New Encyclopedia, Dictionary, and Thesaurus

I've added a new link on the ELA page for Britannica-Kids. It includes search tools for their on-line encyclopedia, dictionary, and thesaurus. The site we have been using, Word Central appears to be a bit weak in the thesaurus department. We are working on synonyms.

The Resource Tab Now Has the Link to Our New Scholastic News Subscription

Students in B-24 have a subscription to Scholastic News. The first printed copies will arrive the second week of September, 2015. Meanwhile we have access to the digital files. You can find the link under ELA.

Raz-Kids has been Added to the Resource Page

All students have gotten their Raz-Kids accounts activated. The Raz-Kids link has been added to the resources page.

Scanned Texts Require User Authentication

Many of our text books have been digitized to allow on-line access without having the physical book. Backpacks are heavy enough as it is! All scanned texts have been moved to secure pages. Classroom texts now require user authentication (user name and password) to access.



Daily Agenda: Click here to view.

The following link accesses the state training tests

Training Tests

Use the link below to access the Parent - Student portal for student information and enVision math 2.0

Power School

Raz Kids


Illuminate portal

Illuminate Portal

ST Math Portal

ST Math

Typing Web

Typing Web

Spelling City

Spelling City

Scholastic News

Scolastic News

Current Explorations

Math 2nd: Strategies for subtraction. 3rd and 2nd are practicing multiplication facts.

Science: With Mrs. Kivett.

Reading: Student Choice

Vocabulary: Wordly Wise Lesson 4

Language: Verbs Review

Writing: Analyzing fictional Text

Social Studies 3rd: Natural Resources

Health: TBA

Wheel 3rd: Mrs. Kivett, Science