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Welcome to English Language Arts

Current Assignments & Explorations

Writing We are focusing on fictional narratives with an eye on theme and main idea.
Language/Word Study We are exploring the properties of nouns and verbs.
Similes, metaphors, and idioms are always fun to explore.
Use the link to the right to access a PDF form for writing similes, metaphors, and using idioms. Here are two (2) links for idioms:
Paraphrasing: this skill will be practiced throughout the year. To allow "Close Reading" students must be able to understand the increasingly complex structures and vocabulary in their texts. This requires "chunking" the text into manageable pieces and using annotation skills to "translate" the text into student-friendly language.

Lino Canvas


We are using two different on-line "response" systems to allow live student interactions using their computers. One is called "Lino" and creates a "canvas" that allows students to post sticky notes in real-time. The messages on these sticky notes may be questions, comments, or responses to questions. Below are links to current canvases that we are working on.

Reading with the Fingertips. This is from Wordly Wise Lesson 12.

Scholastic News


Our class has a subscription to Scholastic News which includes an on-line interactive version. The link is here.


Our vocabulary is now done through Spelling City. All students have an account where they access vocabulary assignments through a variety of interactive methods. The link is in the sidebar to the right.

Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle

Click this link to take you to the on-line, interactive crossword puzzle.

Online Search-able Books

We have been scanning and converting various pieces of literature into search-able PDF files that can be accessed by all students from the Internet. You will probably need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader for full search-ability. These links are only accessible by students and their parents.

get adobe reader



TIME Young Readers Series saving the redwoods

Britannica Kids

The Britannica Kids site offers an encyclopedia, dictionary, and thesaurus that seems more complete than Word Central.Britannica Kids

On-line Dictionary

The Merriam Webster Word Central site and dictionary for students includes a thesaurus, rhyming dictionary, and language games.

Word Central

The link below takes you to a root word dictionary

Learn That Word

Vocabulary is handled through Spelling City

Learn That Word

Thesaurus: Having great vocabulary didn't save the thesaurus from extinction, eradication, or extirpation.thesaurus