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Fractions, Time, and Measurement

We are currently exploring fractions and how to compare them. Also, we are learning how to tell time and elapsed time on an analog clock. The measurement of distance, volume, and weight/mass is also being explored using English standard units and the metric system.

Check out the links below

Below are some wonderful online resources to help shore up and strengthen weak skills. Especially important are the multiplication facts; something we can never be too good at. is a site I want all students to use on a regular basis. It helps make the rest of what we do much easier and less frustrating.

Online Resources

Fraction Strips Fraction Strips
A nice tool to help visualize the relationship of different size fractions to one another and to a whole.
Rotating Buildings Rotating Buildings
A remarkable tool for viewing and understanding 3-D shapes and their perspective views. Perfect for enVision lesson 8.9.
create-a-graph Learner Interactive Geometric Shapes
A wonderful tool for viewing and understanding 3-D shapes and their nets (when unfolded)..
create-a-graph NCES Graphing resource
A wonderful tool for creating graphs of all kinds.
platonic solids National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
This is one of the greatest resources I've ever seen for learning mathematical concepts. Because these depend on Java, they will probably not work on our district Chromebooks.
Multiplication Flash cards My very own multiplication flash card utility written in Flash.
Division Flash Cards My very own division flash card utility written in Flash.
flash cards Fact Monster Flash Cards
This site offers flash cards for all operations without ads or other annoying interruptions.
Multiplication Math Playground
This site is full of games focused on all aspects of math. If you enter the teacher portal you can choose which grade level to explore.
Analog Clock Analog Clock Simulator
This analog clock not only allows the teaching of time but also angles and fractions.
Quadrilaterals Interactive Quadrilaterals
Great tool for understanding the relationships between different quadrilaterals.
Quadrilateral Matching Quadrilateral Matching Game
Memory game for quadrilaterals.

Current Math is Fractions

We are investigating the properties of fractions.

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Vocabulary is handled through Spelling City

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enVision Math Resources

Click below to access Pearson's enVision eTools for interactive help. etools