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DragonFly TV DragonFly TV is one of the finest TV science programs for kids I have ever seen. We watch an episode for enrichment on Fridays. There's a lot more to see and experience on their website.


FOSS Science Kits We use the FOSS system of science kits. FOSS Web is an interactive site where parents and students can explore more about the various topics covered by our science materials.



Some Properties of Minerals

Luster describes how a mineral appears to reflect light, and how brilliant or dull the mineral is. Pyrite (Iron Sulfide) below, has a metallic luster.


Streak is the color of the mineral's powder. The streak color remains unique even though the apparent color of the mineral may be quite different. Below is hematite, which although it appears to be dark gray to black in color, has a distinct reddish streak.