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Welcome to Science

We are learning about the Sun, Moon, and the Stars.

Phases of the Moon

Text to come.


DragonFly TV

Friday science enrichment uses the power of DragonFly TV to involve students in the process of scientific exploration. This program aired on PBS in the early 2000's and is, in my opinion, the best science program for young people that I've ever seen. This is due to the fact that it portrays young students developing and executing their own scientific investigations, something that young people need more exposure to. All episodes are still available at

Online Searchable Books

We have been scanning and converting various pieces of literature into searchable PDF files that can be accessed by all students from the internet. You will probably need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader for full searchability. These links are only accessible by students and their parents.

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FOSS Text & Other Science Books science texts


Some Vocabulary

Phases describes how the Moon's appearance changes over its 28-day cycle.

Constellation is the term we use to describe a pattern of stars.